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aboutusRobert (Bob) Commeau has thirty eight years of experience in the saw mill, log home, and post and beam industry as an energy engineer, designer, maintenance consultant, and inspector.

Bob's work has always focused on energy savings. His approach treats the house as a system and with this framework, he examines building interaction and models energy usage on conservation of energy, natural resources, and creating a safe and comfortable home.

Over the years Bob has worked with Maine customers to improve energy awareness and has worked with state agencies and given lectures to groups like rotary clubs and churches. Bob served as the president of Greater Bangor's chapter of Habitat for Humanity

Bob is familiar with the bitter cold of Maine winters; he's lived in Maine all of his life and knows first-hand about the winter season's cost burden on Maine home owners. As a Maine owned company, Energy Savings and Auditing makes energy investments and adjustments easy and affordable for home owners in the state.

Bob Commeau is affiliated with the Maine Groundwater Association and is a Maine Housing Authority certified Residential Energy Auditor. He is also a dealer for many of the major Geo-thermal systems on the market today.

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man checking central AC unit.

Energy Auditing

The energy audit is the only way to identify where to allocate resource to save money and increase comfort. The audit identifies cost and...
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Heating System Optimization

Boilers, furnaces, radiant floor, duct work, base board, zoning, domestic hot water heaters, heat pumps, air conditioners, and lighting are parts...
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Geothermal Energy

The future of Maine Heating systems will be Geothermal heating. The most environmentally friendly system is a vertical closed loop system.