Insulating, Boiler and Geothermal Heating System Upgrades

Before Upgrade
Heating System Before UpgradeBox Sill Air Leaks
Small Diameter Piping
Boiler and Geo Plumbing fighting each other
No proper desuperheater tank and plumbing
Heating system no zone controls and pumps
Geo field too small

After Upgrade
Heating System After UpgradeSill seal
Larger piping
Isolation of boiler and geo
Added desuperheater tank
Larger geo feild
Added zoning and pumps

This home was built in the 1900's. It had been worked on over the years to improve energy efficiency with mixed results. A geothermal heating system was added in late 2008 and had no energy audit was performed. The home needed a much greater detailed energy report to understand the real heating problems.

The energy audit showed many upgrades and tuning of the energy envelope of the building and heating system was needed. The energy report showed a list of defects in the building envelope and heating plan.

Defect Solutions
Air Infiltration Spray Foam Sill, Box Joist, and Upper Foundation
Old Leaky Doors Air Tight Insulated Doors and Storm Doors
Cellar Outside Entrance Foam and Air Seal
Upper Foundation Pushed by Frost Insulated Ground Outside and Wall
No Zoning or Proper Pumps Added Zone Control and Pumps
Geo-heat Pump Tied in With Boiler Separated By Controls and Plumbing (Boiler is now off)
Sun Room Air Leaks Poor Insulation Spray Foam Roof and Air Penetrations and 2" Ins-board Floor
Geo-field Two 300ft Bore Holes(600ft) Added a 400ft Bore Hole and Changed Plumbing (1000ft)
Building Heat Loss 5 Tons Now 4 Ton
Four Ton Heat Pump (Output - 3 Ton) Now 4 Ton Output (Oil Tanks Removed)
Oil Boiler must run with Geosystem Geo Now Heating Home and Domestic Hot Water (Year Round)
man checking central AC unit.

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Geothermal Energy

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