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We all want to live in a comfortable home. In Maine, heating costs can make staying warm in the winter too expensive to afford.

As oil prices continue to climb, Maine homeowners are putting ever increasing resources into heating their homes. Turning down the thermostat is a quick fix that often leads to cold feet and noses. Some home owners opt to heat some rooms and not heat others, but this practice is expensive and inefficient. Others have turned to wood, but again, this option doesn't work for everyone.

Energy Savings and Auditing (ESA) helps Maine homeowners, apartment owners, and commercial properties efficiently and affordably address their home heating issues by looking at their entire home as an energy system. An energy audit pinpoints the heat loss in your building envelope and directs you towards sounder, more efficient solutions. If you're looking to build, remodel, or invest in your current property, an energy audit can guide your plans and proposals for an alternative heating system.

If you're buying or developing new property, Energy Savings and Auditing can help you make the right energy choices from the first step. Most people build or buy space without thinking about the energy operating costs of a standard oil heating system. Investment in alterative energy saves hundreds of gallons of oil per year and increases the value of the property. An energy modeled home is not only more comfortable to live in but is worth more too. Your investment in an alternative energy system saves hundreds of gallons of oil per year and increases the value of your property.

Energy problems and solutions vary widely from home to home. ESA guides our clients through the energy saving process, and we use your home, your budget, and your ideas to customize the energy solutions that best fit your lifestyle.

Please contact Energy Savings and Auditing with any questions or inquiries. Let us help you transform your property into a comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home.

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