Geo-thermal Energy

Installed Geo-Thermal System

After all the shell energy improvements have been made it is time to consider a vertical closed loop geothermal heating and cooling system added to your building energy cost reduction plan. The geothermal system can also qualify for rebates, tax credits, and energy improvement loans. The dollar savings can easily justify the investment. Vertical closed loop (grouted) systems are becoming the industry standard for geothermal system design. Its low operating cost, very low maintenance (no outside well pump system or casing), and no combustion flame lowers your homeowners insurance cost. Other geothermal systems have environmental risks and high long term maintenance cost and the risk is the homeowner responsibility. Other system failures are well pump replacements, heat exchanger failure allowing refrigerant and oil to enter the water well polluting the drinking water aquifer. The closed loop system safe guards the water aquifer. No water is used or returned to the aquifer. Several open systems (called pump and dumps) have been shut down in Maine and elsewhere. For details, call the environmental protection agency on which system is preferred to protect the environment, pump and dump, open loop or vertical grouted closed loop.

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Geothermal Energy

The future of Maine Heating systems will be Geothermal heating. The most environmentally friendly system is a vertical closed loop system.