Energy Savings and Auditing are experts in understanding and maximizing your energy resources. We begin with an energy audit to pinpoint your inefficiencies and offer an objective consultation to homeowners during all phases of assessment, planning, and construction. ESA will guide you through the Energy Audit, Heating System Optimization, and any additional energy modeling services that can assist you.

Look to Energy Savings and Auditing to help you solve your energy issues, save money, and improve the quality of your home. Our consultation examines the house as a system, which means considering the entire building and its envelope, any mechanical systems already in place, air infiltration, insulation, and the occupants and their use of the house. We're excited to help Maine homeowners maximize their comfort and efficiency by improving their energy systems through our services.

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What is an Energy Audit?

The energy audit is the only way to identify where to allocate resource to save money and increase comfort. The audit identifies cost and savings ratios for pay backs, rebates, and tax credits for building shell and heating system.

An energy audit systematically documents how energy is being used and lost in the building.

First we conduct a walk-through inspection of the property. We visually examine windows and doors, attics and basements, the heating and cooling systems, etc.

Second, we run a battery of tests. The blower door test determines air leakage by simulating winds from all sides of the building. We use infrared thermal imaging to see air leaks, moisture, electrical issues, and to determine your insulation needs. We assess air quality by measuring humidity, air duct leakage, and running a combustion appliance zone (CAZ) test that monitors carbon monoxide potential exposure from combustion appliances. We assess the feasibility of alternative energy systems, including geothermal and solar, for your property.

Finally, a detailed audit guides our energy modeling for your home. We provide you with a report that clearly explains the results of the audit. The auditing data helps us estimate the savings which energy efficient upgrades will yield and point us in the direction of savings. We make recommendations about what technologies and improvements make sense for your home and your budget.

An energy audit will provide you with valuable knowledge about the energy needs and losses of your home. Smart decisions are informed decisions, and when making major changes in your home, you can't afford to be misinformed.

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Why Have an Energy Audit?

Be informed. An energy audit is literally the first step in making cost and energy efficient changes in your home.

Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Cut your home's dependence on fossil fuels in a volatile market.

Increase the value of your property. An energy audit identifies the most important improvements you can make. Energy improvements will increase the value of your property, whether you're a homeowner improving your primary residence, or a landlord improving your rental properties.

Enhance your living quality and comfort. An energy audit will direct you towards any air quality issues that could be causing your family ill health. A properly functioning building energy system will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. An energy audit is the first step to achieving year-round comfort.


Heating Systems Optimization

c8Boilers, furnaces, radiant floor, duct work, base board, zoning, domestic hot water heaters, heat pumps, air conditioners, and lighting are parts to your heating plant that heat your building. How they all efficiently work together and make the heating as efficient as possible is heating system optimization. A heating system inspection and audit is needed with the building envelope audit to find and quantify savings.

Once Energy Savings and Audit has completed an energy audit of your home, we can knowledgably address your energy system. Even without installing a new alternative energy system, Energy Savings and Auditing will work with you to optimize energy use in your home. Especially in drafty old Maine homes, making minor updates to your insulation, doors, windows, or sealing can make major improvements in your heating and cooling expenditures, and in your overall efficiency.

Heating System Optimization is the tuning of the building's envelope, heating plant, heat distribution, and the occupant's interaction within the building living space. Heat System Optimization involves the proper adjustment, sizing, and control of zones, blowers, pumps, and thermostats.

The building envelope is your home's barrier between its exterior and interior. Most commonly, the building envelope is comprised of the air sealing and performance-improving insulation.

Heating plant optimization involves efficiency upgrades to the boiler or the addition of solar and geothermal heat sources.

Heating distribution is the most overlooked part of the building heating system. Heat system optimization lowers operating cost and increases the comfort of the home. Owner comfort is the most important of optimization. Often, simply educating the homeowners with tips to maximize the efficiency and operation of their energy systems yields measurable improvements.

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man checking central AC unit.

Energy Auditing

The energy audit is the only way to identify where to allocate resource to save money and increase comfort. The audit identifies cost and...
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Heating System Optimization

Boilers, furnaces, radiant floor, duct work, base board, zoning, domestic hot water heaters, heat pumps, air conditioners, and lighting are parts...
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Geothermal Energy

The future of Maine Heating systems will be Geothermal heating. The most environmentally friendly system is a vertical closed loop system.